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DroneLifeprovides the latest drone news, product releases, YouTube videos and legal precedents to help drone enthusiasts and professionals stay informed about everything related to drones. The Drone Girlis a drone-focused news site run by reporter Sally French, a regular contributor to MarketWatch and The Wall Street Journal, among several other news sites. The Drone Girl was created with the intent of exploring drones and how they can assist the world via the imagery they produce and is an outlet to publish aerial photos, videos, and stories about the evolution of drones. To read up on recent drone news, you can check out our own UAV Coach News page. We’d like to highlight these drone industry news companies on our Top 100 Drone Companies list as well. Force1 makes high quality toy and camera drones for inexpensive prices.

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You’ll be contacted by a real specialist, operating in the United States, who can discuss your specific needs and answer your questions. Draganfly builds health screening systems that assess an individual’s vital signs while protecting their personal privacy. Pairing hardware with best-in-class tech and interface design for usability and immediate analysis. We can customize every drone software solutions report – free of charge – including purchasing stand-alone sections or country-level reports, as well as offer affordable discounts for start-ups & universities. This FREE sample includes market data points, ranging from trend analyses to market estimates & forecasts. Invite your team to view a drone livestream from any mobile Android or iOS device with very low latency.

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Although Parrot stepped away from the toy drone market in 2019, they still produce one of the best drones on the market. Their ANAFI camera drone is always a favorite in lists around the web. Parrot also designs, develops, and markets consumer products for smartphones and tablets otherthan consumer UAVs and drones. Department of Defense to build short-range military reconnaissance aircraft. In the primary research process, various sources from the supply and demand sides were interviewed to obtain qualitative and quantitative information on the market.

A drone-based delivery application needs a very different dashboard from an inspection application. FlytBase platforms allows for easy customisation of the dashboard to suit the particular application requirements. Shane was most recently the Tactical UAS Product Line General Manager at AeroVironment, and has also established program management offices at AeroVironment and Insitu specifically targeted at managing unmanned system development. He has also worked in engineering leadership capacities at Insitu and St. Gobain Crystals.

Prior to joining Volansi, Josef spent 11 years at Insitu performing multiple roles within the company. In his last role Josef served as Senior Hardware Manager, a cross functional role where he oversaw people, processes, and tools for mechanical, propulsion, electronics, and aerospace engineering. At Insitu Josef also Identified business gaps within the functional teams and provided leadership with solutions to overcome these gaps. He conducted technical review boards as a subject matter expert and led the technical ScanEagle proposal team on 8 Request for Proposals and 3 Requests for Information . He served as Chief Engineer for ScanEagle, the UAS that invented the agile ISR category, and was SUAV Project Engineer that productized the ScanEagle dual bay aircraft. Prior to that Josef was Director of Program Management for Leviathan Security Group, where he led and managed the DARPA customer CYNDER I & II programs.

drone software solutions inc

Many of their drones are featured in our Cheap Drones guide, and they’re known for having excellent customer service. Embention is an international UAS company founded in 2007 and focused on components and critical systems. Its main product is the “Veronte Autopilot”, which is also available in a triple-redundant version and is ITAR free.

They match up each job and pilot based on location, availability, and equipment required. Their workflow management tools are used by a majority of North American geospatial production shops. Pixprois a software for smart, simple and safe surveying providing fast data-driven insights to support your business in effective way. Tracking, storing, sharing, and analyzing flights and flight data, including tools for team collaboration. runs on REIN, an insurtech platform designed for new insurance products and built for speed, scalability, and distribution.

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This includes collision avoidance, object detection and tracking, precision landing, indoor navigation, object counting, leak and crack detection, and so on.

  • Drone manufacturers provide customized software or make the required changes for the defense sector.
  • Their platform can be used for “solopreneurs” to plan and track flights for their drone services, and also for large teams to coordinate efforts.
  • Fly and capture data with a user-friendly mobile app built for commercial use.
  • While many C-UAS deployments fail because of components from multiple vendors lacking compatibility and integration, Fortem has pioneered the technology required to build a fully integrated, end-to-end counter-drone solution.
  • Fortem Technologies, leaders in airspace security and defense for detecting and defeating dangerous drones, today announced one of the nation’s top communication providers as a new customer.
  • Open-source software is available publicly and can be modified according to the requirements of the end user.

Trimble Viewpoint construction software solutions, part of Trimble Connected Construction, allow contractors to better manage their projects, processes and people, using the data gathered to lower risk and improve margins. With more than 40 percent of the ENR 400 on our platforms, Trimble Viewpoint innovations are transforming the construction industry by connecting operations across financial and HR systems, project management tools and mobile field solutions. A Viewpoint app, coming in early November to DroneDeploy’s app market, will allow project teams to export sitemaps seamlessly into the Viewpoint Team platform. The Viewpoint app will enable DroneDeploy users to directly publish their images to Viewpoint Team’s Project Management application using a newly incorporated application programming interface, or API. A live demonstration of the drone technology was presented to attendees of Viewpoint’s Collaborate 2017 User Conference held October in Portland, Oregon with rave reviews.

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In 2018, they worked with the Rwanda government to establish plans to build a drone assembly plant in Rwanda. And in 2019, the company launched the largest drone delivery network in the world with the adding Ghana as a service location. They create fully automated, high precision, cost-effective solutions that help keep construction crews safe on the job. AgEagleprovides software to help people provide drone services in the agricultural sector. They are singularly focused on agriculture, with the goal of helping farmers increase yields and maximize the bottom line while reducing their environmental footprint.

For instance, according to the Air Traffic Control Association of the US, the use of drones in civil airspace is one of the major challenges faced by the aviation industry of the country. Presently, drones are prohibited from flying in civil airspace except for certain companies that have received exemptions to conduct tests and carry out demonstration flights. We work with the industry’s leading companies to deploy and build scalable LiDAR and drone mapping software and hardware to help users achieve successful data collection, processing, and management. We also offer training, support, and consulting services for ultimate success.

drone software solutions inc

Drone-in-a-box solutions securely store the drones and charge them to prepare for the next autonomous BVLOS mission. The connectivity over 4G/LTE/5G enables the remote drone operators to manage and control a fleet of drones and docking stations in real-time from a distance through the cloud. SMEs can see the live status of the fleet, analyze real-time video feed from the drone cameras, access device status, battery and charging data, and make use of advanced drone battery features. “By publishing drone imagery such as sitemaps directly into the Viewpoint Team™ project management platform, we’re ensuring that project information, of all types, is fully integrated and exposed to the entire project team. This exciting new capability gives project teams a single location to access critical project information, such as drone site maps, and track job progress in real-time,” said Viewpoint Senior Vice President of Products Matt Harris. Fortem Technologies, leaders in airspace security and defense for detecting and defeating dangerous drones, was named Aerospace & Defense Company of The Year by the Silicon Slopes Hall of Fame.

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See how key partners are integrated into the most comprehensive software solution. Everything you need to automate your operations, fly safely, and analyze your data with the power of Pix4D. Engage our Applications Team to build/configure a complete PoC to meet your custom requirements, better and faster.

Ahmad Ziada is Vice President of Production and Maintenance at Volansi. He has extensive leadership experience in Operations, Engineering and Product Development and is an energetic, engaging and thoughtful leader who creates an environment of collaboration and excitement. His passion is bringing people, processes and tools together to create a successful business. At Volansi he is responsible for internal operations, including quality, supply chain, manufacturing and sustaining engineering as well as New Product Introduction . Wesley Zheng is a Co-founder and Chief of Staff of Volansi, where he helps drive product development and engineering solutions to enable drone logistics. As Chief of Staff, Wesley is helping build an outstanding team that can take the company to the next level.

drone software solutions inc was designed to empower users to manage their drone insurance needs in an efficient and cost-effective manner. SUAS Newsis one of the leading sources for news and information in the drone industry. SUAS News was started by UAS pilots and professionals in 2008 (which is a lifetime ago in the fast-moving world of drones, and shows a good deal of forethought). Sky Viper creates drone for aerial video, racing, and general recreation (as indicated on their website, where one of their taglines is “Serious Performance. Serious Fun.”). Sky Viper has a flight simulation app for those pilots interested in buying their drones but want to learn a little more about how the drone might handle, which is pretty neat. Syma Toysis a China-based company that manufacturers consumer drones, quadcopters, helicopters, and even an RC car/quadcopter hybrid.

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Primary research also helped in understanding the various trends related to platform, solution, technologies, and regions. Stakeholders from the demand side include logistics companies, end consumers, healthcare industry, and quick-service restaurants who are willing to adopt drone delivery by participating in various trials. These interviews were conducted to gather insights such as market statistics, data of revenue collected from the products and services, market breakdowns, market size estimations, market size forecasting, and data triangulation. These interviews also helped analyze the solution, platform, architecture, and deployment segments of the market for six key regions. The secondary data was collected and analyzed to arrive at the overall size of the drone software market, which was validated by primary respondents.

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They offer up to $10 million in liability insurance and everything is app-based, allowing anyone to quickly get drone insurance in an instant. Women and Drones shares stories about women in the drone industry, and works to raise the profile and visibility of women in the UAS industry. Every year they award and recognize leading women in the industry on their Women to Watch in UAS list.

Our DFR Drones are able to reduce response times, increase situational awareness and improve overall efficiency. Military and government contractors partner with Draganfly to improve personnel and infrastructure safety. Crafting technical solutions to solve complex business problems for defense, government, and enterprise. North America is anticipated to emerge as a predominant region over the forecast period. The growth can be mainly attributed to the growing demand for drones and UAV-generated data across a broad range of industries in the region, typically in the U.S. The various end-use industries analyzed in the report include real estate & construction, media & entertainment, energy, agriculture, security & law enforcement, logistics & transportation, and others.

They produce drone systems that specialize in public safety applications, aerial photography, industrial inspection, and education/research. Skydio was founded in 2014, and in 2018 launched R1, which was widely regarded as a breakthrough in autonomous drones for consumers and as a platform for commercial development. In 2019, the company launched Skydio 2, which sold out in a single day.

The platform offers real-time airspace, environmental, and regulatory data which is expertly customized to the specific operation. The two companies will integrate their highly complementary systems and expand sales around the world. The Fortem SkyDome® System is a highly accurate drone detection solution based on Fortem TrueView® radars that are easy to install and effective in urban environments. Also part of the system, Fortem DroneHunter® is an AI-enabled autonomous drone that can safely capture… PrecisionHawk is a leading provider of drone technology for the enterprise. They provide user-friendly data collection tools to collect and process high-quality data.

AirMap is a global leader in airspace management software systems for drones. We help regional and national airspace authorities operate safely and efficiently. We help the defense sector and public agencies use drone solutions to keep people safe. We also work with forward-thinking enterprises to innovate new commercial opportunities. Fortem Technologies, leaders in airspace security and defense for detecting and defeating dangerous drones, today announced one of the nation’s top communication providers as a new customer. The customer purchased the SkyDome® System, including TrueView® R30 ground-based radar and SkyDome Manager software…

La Société Wallonne des Eaux used artificial intelligence and ContextCapture to automatically detect cracks and degradation on a water tower, which improved repair planning and saved time and money. You also face an increasingly competitive market to deliver your services, as these new technologies have attracted new players. They have changed the expectations of your clients, yet opened up new applications and opportunities. Being a forerunner of the modern counter-drone industry takes more than inventive thinking. We keep a close eye on current events and trends to ensure that we — and also you — are always prepared to tackle new challenges. Check in periodically to stay in the know about everything that matters.

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Aloft (formerly is a one-stop-shop for flying, logging, and coordinating UAV operations. They have a strong focus on providing value for their pilots, which manifests in the usability of their platform and the fact that they allow for unlimited logging of hours. SparrowHawk by Search Systemsis an anti-drone system designed to attach to a drone that deploys a net to capture rogue drones in mid-air. Gryphon Dynamicsis known for making big, high end drones for cinematography and industrial applications.

Their drone, the US-1, is engineered with features to serve law enforcement, firefighting, disaster response, critical infrastructure, border security, and other long-duration, heavy-lift applications. Atlas Dynamics makes end-to-end solutions in the drone industry and works to simplify technology to make it more user-friendly. They launched their Nest in 2019, a charging station that enables drone automation by providing a place for a drone to charge before automatically deploying on a programmed mission. Autel Roboticshas been delivering solutions for new aerial exploration through their market-leading quadcopter and camera drone technology. They emphasize transforming complex technology into simple solutions, and creating easy-to-use aerial devices for photography/filming and imaging.

LiDAR has revolutionized the way we capture elevation data and map 3D features. Having the tools and expertise to work with LiDAR point cloud data is critical to realizing its value. GeoCue offers a complete range of professional LiDAR mapping software, training, and support to help you get the most out of your data.

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